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Safe and Efficient Gas Logs

Gas logs from Middle Georgia Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning will give you a beautiful, cozy fire in your fireplace without the set-up and cleanup hassle that comes with traditional firewood logs. Once they've been installed, gas logs will cost you a fraction of what traditional fires do in the long run, and they can provide you with an excellent heat source on chilly days or during power outages.

With proper care, your gas logs will last for many years to come and will eliminate your need for a chimney cleaning. 

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Visit us at 317 Central Drive in East Dublin to see our work, vent-free or standard gas log displays and to pick one out for your home. You can install the logs yourself or ask our knowledgeable technicians to do it for you. Contact us today!
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Having an issue with your gas log? We offer repair services.
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